Indoor Toilet Training Dog Pads Puppy Absorbent Pad Indoor Mat Cover 60X45cm Pack of 50

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Toilet Training Dog Pads 60X45

5 LAYERS THAT QUICKLY GET RID OF SMELLY PET URINE: Tear-resistant upper layer stretches to prevent rips from claws and paws. Odor-neutralizing activated carbon inner lining eliminates unpleasant urine smell. Liquid-drying polymer centre turns liquid waste into a gel for easy cleaning. Inner quilt quickly disperses urine to prevent pooling and puddles. Spill-stopping underside liner prevents any urine from spilling out onto the floor
IDEAL FOR A VARIETY OF DOGS AND CATS: These Pads are great for puppies, dogs, elderly canines, kittens, cats, and elderly felines of all breeds. Perfect to take with you when you travel with your pet, for your indoor or outdoor pet, and also for the office or workplace pet. Ideal to place in most litter boxes, pet pad holders, dog kennels, doggie playpens, dog carriers, and cat carriers to reduce bad smells and messes.
TIPS FOR TRAINING: Help familiarize your puppy with the pad by placing him on the pad several times during the day. When the puppy successfully goes potty on the pad, immediately reward with verbal praise and a special treat, then replace the used pad with a fresh one. If your puppy eliminates elsewhere, gently place him back on the pad as encouragement, always using positive (never negative) reinforcement. For best results, confine your puppy to a smaller space to start.
LEAK PROOF: You won’t have to worry about your pets’ mess soaking through our pads! Our pads have a protecting backing that is leak-proof! When you are ready to change out the pads, simply fold the sides up of the used pad, and toss away! There will be no leakages coming from the underside of our pads!

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